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Manage all your customer feedback in one place.

Teams today rely on a mix of different tools to track user feedback. But there’s no central repository for all this information as it comes in. That’s where Draft comes in.

Your workflow today: check Intercom, check Github Issues, check Twitter, check App Store reviews, check everywhere else. Your workflow tomorrow: Draft.


Feedback that doesn’t just sit there. It’s actionable too.

Draft doesn’t just show you the feedback, it categorizes each item by theme, like ‘Bugs’, ‘Feature Request’, or ‘Usability’.

Because we helps you organise your users request with smart suggestions, all you have to do is decide which themes deserve your attention first.


Get things done.

Draft helps you see how well your team is progressing on a given task with achievements.

And because your team can mark a task as completed in real-time, Draft helps you track success as it happens.


Task complete?
Announce it to the world.

So you used Draft to turn your user feedback into product improvements. Now you can use Draft to close the loop with the users who asked for them in the first place.

Because everyone on your team has visibility into the feedback as it becomes feature or fix, it’s easy to communicate any changes to the outside world.

Draft already works with the apps you use.

Draft integrates seamlessly with the various apps you and your team already use. Whether it’s Intercom, Github Issues, the Apple App Store, or many others, all your main sources of user feedback are accounted for.

Don’t see an integration you need? Request it here.